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An Introdution of Sorts

Posted by The Crystal Crone on January 26, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)

So it has been a while since I wrote a blog, quite a bit in fact. And facing this new possibility and trying to think of what to say led me quite simply to giving myself a proper introduction. My name is Bev, and I am The Crystal Crone.

I cannot tell you for sure when my love of rocks, crystals and stones started, but I will say I was very young. Like most kids, I went through my dinosaur and fossil phase and as a result, I also got into rocks. I got into them so much in fact that there was nary a time I did not return home from playing in the creek or digging in the dirt on my grandparents farm that I did not have at least one rock in my pocket. My excuse for bringing home such treasures was simply “ but it looks cool”. I do remember being about 7 yrs old or so and my mother got me my first little pre-boxed rock collection. It consisted of tiny pieces of various gemstones and mineral samples glued into squares in a small cardboard box. I think she purchased it with Green Stamps, (for those of us old enough to remember such things) and I thought I had a real treasure. Hey, it even had “gold ore” in it, so I was pretty impressed.

It was not until my (very) early 20’s that I began to discover the metaphysical side of stones. There was limited information in the early years, no Internet and only a handful of books, but as I found them, I grabbed them all up eagerly. Bookstores in this very southern state and conservative area did not readily carry “occult” books as they were classed back then. And finally – the Internet was at my fingertips! It allowed my passion to grow and for me to discover more information, more variety and more connections than I ever thought imaginable. But the biggest event for me was being taken to my first Gem and Mineral show… I was in ecstasy!

And now, in my early Crone years I still cannot get enough of the mineral kingdom. And I am still learning, which is wonderful in itself, after all how boring would life be if we simply just stopped learning? That is one reason I love the mineral kingdom so much, there is always something new. It’s been nearly 40 years of play and over 25 of serious work when it comes to crystals and stones for me, and I still love every second of it.

So I hope you will join me on this wonderful ride. I hope to share things here on various stones and minerals, using them, working with them and learning everything from the mystical to the mundane. I may slip in a few thoughts on other topics as well, such as energy, connection and the occasional rant. I plan to have a few good giggles too. So come on along and join me for the ride!