B. Johnson

The Crystal Crone

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With 25 years of experience under her hat, The Crystal Crone comes to share her love of crystals, gems and minerals of the world. Starting in her childhood with a love of rock and fossil collecting and the geological aspects therein, she was later introduced to the metaphysical side of crystal healing, magick and properties of stones.
The Crystal Crone is also an experienced Rune Master, Dowser and Astro-numerologist. She recently completed her Spirit Guide Coach certification through Deborah King and is always working on continuing education classes and certifications through sites such as Hay House, Witch School and more. She has studied a multitude of Magickal and Spiritual paths, holding to her personal truth that there is much to be learned from and shared with by all.

In her free time she enjoys music, writing, movies and reading. She is a fierce advocate for children, animals, the elderly, the "differently abled" and LGBT issues.